Interview with Head Coach Jay Accorsi – The TCNJ Rivalry

With Rowan and TCNJ kicking off for the 50th time tomorrow, I sat down with Profs head coach Jay Accorsi as he looked back on the rivalry and gave us a preview of things to come (including the Profs playoff chances).

Last year’s game resulted in a 10-7 loss. Are you expecting another low-scoring affair?

“I don’t think so. I think it’s going to be a high-scoring game. They’ve done some really good things offensively the past couple weeks opening it up. They’re a spread no-huddle team like we are so I think the ball’s going to be flying around and I think there are going to be some points scored. I think it’ll come down to whatever defense plays the better game and our defense has just been playing outstanding the last half of the season.”

What’s the game plan for TCNJ?

“I think we need to stop the run game like we have. I think we did a great job against Montclair really stopping them in the run game. And again, we need to make them throw the ball quite a bit so we can get some turnovers. We did that against Kean and Morrisville and Buffalo State and some of the others like West Conn. When we get teams to throw it around a little bit that’s when we can use our athletic ability to get some sacks.”

What needs to happen for Rowan to get an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament?

What’s your best memory of the TCNJ rivalry?

“There are so many over the years. It’s always been a fairly close game. Last year was no different. Probably the playoff year (stands out the most). One year we played them really close here at home and we were able to strip the ball, get a fumble and go in to score late. Then it was I believe ’97 or ’98 at their place on a beautiful day in November and we just played really well.”

What’s your worst memory of TCNJ?

“I think last year was. We were going into the game playing so well and the expectations were so high and we were really doing some good things. We had a senior team dominated with 18 seniors. High expectations and high hopes. You look back at what caused us a lot of problems last year and I think it starts with that game. You’re going in to possibly go up by another score late in the fourth quarter and you turn it over in such heartbreaking fashion and give them a touchdown; then turn it over and give them the game. I think that really broke our back last year.”

How great is TCNJ’s home field advantage?

“It’s always tough when you play away and that’s why teams want to do so well and secure home field advantage in any type of playoff situation. We’ve played well up there before and we’ve played very well on the road this year. Except for the Montclair game we’re undefeated on the road so again, with a young team, we’ve played very well on the road so it should be a great day and a great atmosphere for another great conference battle.”

What do you expect from your team against TCNJ?

“I expect them to play really well. We talked about having the seniors go out on a winning note. We’ve talked about building the foundation for the future with a young team. But again, seeing this team come out from such a heartbreaking loss the week before and to come out and play and have fun, that’s what we’re really looking forward to for Saturday.”


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